D-Light is an advanced system that eases the tasks of the catering staff.

Simplicity, professionalism and design are the keys to the success of your business.

The system is extremely flexible and accurate, it helps you and your staff to create order, structure and peace in your business.



D-Light has a simple yet advanced BackOffice module where you can easily make all kinds of settings.
Create waiters, change items, position tables, all in 1 touch!
Entering a purchase price with a sales coefficient is one of the many possibilities of this package.
D-Light® works under a Windows® environment and flexibly under different types of hardware


With D-Light Pocket, your staff always and everywhere has their own cash register at hand.
Everything is sent directly and completely wirelessly from the Pocket to the kitchen and/or the bar.

D-Light Pocket is linked to our D-Light POS system.
This gives you and your staff an overview of all the orders in your business, and waiting times for the waiters at the checkout are a thing of the past.